Greenland Ice Cap – The Nansen Route

Join us for a unique crossing of the Greenland icecap. In August/September we will follow the exact route Fridtjof Nansen and his men completed in 1888. From Umivik in the east to Austmannadal in the west. This is the ultimate Greenland crossing!

Skitouring across the Hardanger glacier

Join Yourway on one of Norway’s most beautiful spring skiing tours from Finse, over the Hardangerjøkulen glacier and down towards Simadalsfjord. We promise an experience that includes everything which makes spring in Norway so amazing.

Ski & Sail with the vessel Anna Rogde

We will board the unique and beautiful ”Anna Rogde” sailing north to Andørja, Senja and Lyngen. This trip offers new mountains every day. Just clip on your skis and enjoy the ride on untouched slopes.

Yourway Basecamp

Our Basecamp concept offers the possibility of having larger gatherings outdoors almost anywhere in Norway. This concept means that you can combine exciting daytime activities with a comfortable basecamp where meals are served and all amenities are available.

Amundsen Experience

Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott both aimed to be the first to reach the South Pole. Amundsen won and took credit. Scott and his men suffered the loss, and tragically died on their way back. Now you can be part of Amundsen’s South Pole journey and relive this historical race.

Framheim at Finse

The original Framheim lies today on the ocean floor, but on Framheim at Finse you can relive it all. In 2011 we erected the reconstruction of Framheim, and it was officially opened by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. Framheim at Finse is a living museum where you get the opportunity to obtain your own experience with the polar history.

Rallarvegen – Norway’s premier bike ride

A bicycle tour of Rallarvegen is a voyage of discovery in the natural and cultural history. It is one of the most beautiful bike rides in the country and the perfect way to see the highlands, whilst it is also a journey into the life of a real “Rallar”.

Winter and Spring

Our winter and spring concepts offer fantastic experiences on open plateaus and high peaks. From snow-covered mountains to valleys in bloom. Get inspired and read about Ski & Sail, dog sledding, polar journeys and more.

Summer and Autumn

Summer and autumn in Norway are fantastic with long days offering plenty of time for a multitude of activities. Join us for climbing, biking, canoeing, base camp, hiking and much more.