Scotland Kayak Adventure

The West coast of Scotland offers breathtaking scenery and landscapes, secluded bays, coral beaches, small islands, panoramic views and the opportunity to experience marine life up close.

Sign up for this adventure! Scotland September - October

The historical Nansen Route – Greenland 2020

Join us for a unique crossing of the Greenland icecap. In autumn 2017 we will follow the exact route Fridtjof Nansen and his men completed in 1888. From Umivik in the east to Austmannadal in the west. This is the ultimate Greenland crossing!

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A Viking Journey

Join us on a journey through time to the era of the vikings. Experience the excitement of a viking raid over the mountains before navigating your way down a Norwegian fjord on a viking ship.

Nærøyfjorden, Auland May - September

Yourway Basecamp

Our Basecamp concept offers the possibility of having larger gatherings outdoors almost anywhere in Norway. This concept means that you can combine exciting daytime activities with a comfortable basecamp where meals are served and all amenities are available.

Norway March - October

Rallarvegen – Norway’s premier bike ride

A bicycle tour of Rallarvegen is a voyage of discovery in the natural and cultural history. It is one of the most beautiful bike rides in the country and the perfect way to see the highlands, whilst it is also a journey into the life of a real “Rallar”.

Finse - Flåm August - October