Yourway specializes in organizing and carrying out active and unique company and management gatherings.

Our two signature concepts are based on the Amundsen-Scott race to the South Pole, and the Heavy Water Sabotage at Rjukan – both nationally anchored milestones in Norwegian history and identity formation. With this historical approach as a framework, we use our experience from many different extreme situations to expand the horizons of your organization in an efficient and exciting way that delivers results!

Our Basecamp concept provides the perfect basis to satisfy the soul´s call to travel while combining active adventure in pristine environments. Imagine standing in one of Norway’s most beautiful valleys instead of a conference room the next time you and your team are gathered. The beautiful scenery that surrounds the camp provides both inspiration and activities, when not in the lecture tent. We step outside the ordinary and connect people outdoors. We take care of the logistics and details while you soak in the surroundings and focus on your team´s collective power.

These experiences are transferable to the workplace to help achieve desired results. The consequences of positive grip and missteps in extreme environments are very specific, and it can be brutal and severe. We are committed to facilitate unique and subject related content that also creates cohesion.

We will take you to hidden gems and remote places in the most beautiful destinations Norway has to offer. Experience Lofoten, Manshausen, Svalbard, the Norwegian fjords, the inland mountains, majestic glaciers and more.

Contact us for more information, and we will tailor the perfect gathering for your company or management team, according to your wishes, lasting from one day to a several day adventure.

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