Framheim at Finse is a full-scale replica of Roald Amundsen’s historic hut, used on the South Pole Expedition from 1910-12. It was erected at Finse in 2011 and opened by the Norwegian Prime Minister, 100 years after Amundsen reached the South Pole.

Framheim functions as a mini-museum, where Amundsen’s diaries and those of Scott and his men are complemented by replicated equipment and food to take us back to the “Race to the South Pole” and Antarctica in 1910.

Finse has been an attractive location for polar explorers for over a century. Both Fridtjof Nansen and Sir Ernest Shackleton came here to train before their expeditions, and today Finse is visited by many expeditions aiming to explore the wild environment before they venture further north or south. When he visited in 1914, Shackleton described Finse as “an ideal South Pole landscape ” – and with good reason!

With a lowest air temperature record of – 39,6° C and an average temperature during the year of -2° C, Finse is the perfect place for a polar explorer!

January - October

Framheim at Finse