In 1911 Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott both aimed to be the first to plant a flag at the South Pole. Amundsen won, claiming the long sought after prize, while Scott and his men perished on the return journey. Now you can be part of Amundsen’s South Pole journey and experience the story as if you were part of the legendary race.

Instead of the polar ship Fram, you will board the train to Finse where the Amundsen adventure begins. At Finse, Yourway has built an authentic full-scale replica of “Framheim” – the hut where Amundsen and his men spent the winter and made the final preparations for the South Pole attempt. Upon arrival you will receive sealskin clothes and participate in logistics to prepare the dogs and sleds for the dash to the South Pole.

In warm and comfortable clothing, you will have full responsibility for mushing your own dog sled – gliding almost silently into the snow blanketed highlands. After a day’s traveling you’ll arrive at the “South Pole” where we plant the Norwegian flag before your achievement is celebrated inside a warm and sheltered tent.

The next day the journey continues, over mountains and descends back to Framheim and Finse. A well-deserved homecoming dinner awaits á la the famous polar chef Lindstrøm.

Finse is the highest situated station on the Bergen railway with its 1222 meters above sea level and is located between the national parks of Hallingskarvet and Hardangerviddda. Untouched nature, cold winter climate and long polar traditions create a perfect and authentic framework for this unique winter experience.

January - May

Amundsen Experience