Join us aboard the beautiful Anna Rogde as we sail north to the ski mountaineering paradise of Andørja, Senja and Lyngen. This jam packed trip serves up new mountains every day. Just click into your skis on a pebble beach and cut the first tracks on snow covered slopes.

Early mornings on the deck of Anna Rogde, cradling a cup of freshly brewed coffee is like a balm for the soul. Every evening we cast anchor and set sail to explore new areas.

This tour starts in Harstad and travels via Senja to the Lyngen Alps. Along the way we have the flexibility to change course depending on snow conditions, weather and other factors. This means you will get the most out of your journey to this amazing place.

The experience level and wishes of the participants, along with the guide’s assessments, will determine how the route is planned. Height, duration and drop height will vary. On some of the landings we will spend all day on the slopes, while others allow you the opportunity to ski several peaks in a day

Anna Rogde is a 92-foot sailing ship from 1868 and stands today as a jewel of her era after years of loving maintenance by volunteers. She is a maritime treasure, and a perfect vessel for this type of journey. The vessel’s skilled and colourful crew is also very much a part of this unforgettable experience in a unique setting with near endless days above the Arctic circle.

Watch the movie from one of our trips to Senja, created by Eirik Vaage Frost media:

Lofoten, Lyngen, Senja
April - June

Ski & Sail with the vessel Anna Rogde