Skiing from winter in the mountains down to the lush spring in Hardangerfjord is a journey of breathtaking contrasts. You will experience a fascinating variety of landscapes, temperature and geography during a single weekend.

After a scenic train ride to Finse you will move into Camp Framheim located beside the famous Finse 1222 Hotel. The tents are equipped with warm pelts from Hardangervidda reindeer. In the Framheim cabin, a replica of Amundsen’s hut, you will get an introduction to both Finse, polar history and our tour itinerary before being served an historic dinner and later retiring to your tent.

Day 2 begins with a hearty breakfast before we put on our skis and begin the ascent up the glacier (1.876 m). The Hardangerjøkulen glacier summit affords panoramic views of the majority of southwest-Norway.

On the glacier you’ll experience first hand what it is to traverse expansive white glaciers, something the enthusiastic Finse-guest Fridtjof Nansen introduced into the Norwegian national soul when he was the first person to lead an expedition across the fabled Greenland icecap.

We will also explore the glacier near Simadalsfjord before we descend into Hardanger and Norwegian spring. Here you can swim in the fjord, before being transported to Ustaoset, where we board the train back to Finse. Upon arrival at Finse a long hot shower, three course dinner, great atmosphere and a comfortable bed awaits us.

The tour takes about 8-9 hours and is approximately 25 km long. The tour can be done with accommodation in the Demmevass Cabin or as a day trip. You can return to Finse after skiing, or end the journey and take the train back to Oslo or Bergen.

Photos: Yourway / VisitNorway

April - June

Skitouring across the Hardanger glacier