There is something special about Finse. Maybe it’s because you can only get there by train. Or by bicycle in the summer and skiing in winter. Here, you are far from your everyday life and surrounded by vast, stunning scenery.

Finse is situated on the Hardangervidda plateau at the foot of Hardangerjøkulen Glacier in Ulvik municipality in Hordaland. It is the highest station on the Bergen railway with its 1222 meters above sea level and is located between Hallingskarvet and Hardangerviddda national parks. This is an excellent starting point for beautiful mountain experiences throughout the year.

It was here the famed polar explorer and statesman Fridtjof Nansen came to ski. Trygve Gran who was with Robert F. Scott’s South Pole expedition also spent time here. Sir Ernest Shackleton traveled to Finse for expedition training and described Finse as an Antarctica in miniature. Sonia Hennie also trained for her many Olympic medals in the ice-skating hall that once stood next to the historic hotel Finse 1222.

Today modern explorers visit Finse regularly and at the beginning of February each year an international expedition festival ”Expedition Finse” is held. In collaboration with the hotel Finse 1222, Yourway facilitate many great experiences here, both during summer and winter.

You can participate in glacier hiking, try your hand at snow kiting and ski sailing, travel the stunningly beautiful spring skiing from Finse to Simadalsfjord, join a bicycle ride along the Navvies Road (Rallarvegen) or participate in a real race to the “South pole” like Roald Amundsen.

Finse is unique!