Lyngen is located just north of Tromsø and consists of high mountains plunging straight into beautiful Lyngen fjord. This towering landmark is visited by skiers, photographers and other outdoor enthusiasts from around the world and has become known internationally as a Ski & Sail destination in recent years.

Imagine sailing the cold and deep blue waters, with the Lyngen Alps as a backdrop and a fresh Arctic sea breeze in your face. Imagine going ashore, strapping on your skis and experiencing powder snow in a magical winter landscape a few minutes later.

The 82 km long fjord is the the heart of this region. This famous mountain area is 90 km long and approximately 15 to 20 km wide. It is a landscape characterized by dramatic peaks, glaciers and wild canyons. The mountains are perfect for summit skiing due to their untouched nature and snow conditions. The uniqueness of the Lyngen region is that you literally ski right from the shoreline and up on to a mountaintop.

Winter starts early in Lyngenfjorden with the first snowfall usually arriving in October. The dark period when the sun does not go over the horizon, starts in November with the magical northern lights visible in the sky above Lyngen fjord. Despite its location so far north, Tromsø and Lyngen has a moderate oceanic climate. The fjords does not freeze thanks to the Gulf Stream and provides good sailing conditions even in the winter months.

Yourway offers Ski & Sail trips to Lyngen. Sailing gives you the ultimate view of this magnificent mountain area and the opportunity to visit mountains that are impossible to reach any other way. After a long day of skiing, you can head back to the boat and enjoy a good meal of fresh caught fish! If you are brave, perhaps an icy swim after skiing, is tempting? Then, you fall asleep to the sound of the waves lapping against the hull and dream about new summits.