Join Yourway in Lofoten and experience some of the best Norway has to offer. Lofoten is a mecca for outdoor adventure and offers majestic mountains and fjords as a playground for a variety of activities. To stand on a sailboat admiring snow clad mountains stretching down to the fjord is a wonderful feeling. Especially if you are also looking at your own fresh ski tracks in the same mountain slopes while toasting the people you’ve just shared this experience with.

Lofoten consists of a series of islands stretching 200 km southeast into the Norwegian sea, just above the Arctic Circle. The Gulf Stream ensures the area has a surprisingly warm and pleasant climate with plenty of snow in winter. Lofoten is dominated by wild and impressive peaks soaring to 1,200 meters at their highest. The land mass is 2000 million years old and a direct result of the last great ice age. As the ice retreated, it left behind jagged mountains and spires which today attract climbers, photographers and skiers from around the world!

The possibilities for activities in Lofoten are endless, but some suggestions include skiing, surfing, climbing, fishing, scuba diving, hiking, biking, whale watching, caving, northern lights observation and much, much more!

You can visit Lofoten all year around, but Yourway offers most of our activities during spring and summer. Many of our tours use boats as our basecamp to explore this incredible area. Lofoten is perfect for Ski & Sail tours with wonderful guided summits from the venerable sailing vessel Anna Rogde.