Imagine being able to experience how the Vikings lived. You can join us on an authentic Viking raid and travel back to a bygone era.

A thousand years ago Sognefjord was home to many Norwegian Vikings. The deep fjords suitable for their ships enabled communication between the inland and the outside world. The local chiefs were powerful, but with wealth and power also followed strife and discord. Important battles took place between these precipitous mountains. There was conflict, but also eagerness to discover new worlds, which drove the first Vikings from here and westwards, to populate Iceland.

The journey starts at a sparse mountain hamlet from where you will venture forth in viking style over the mountain and down towards the fjord, where we board Viking ships and sail into the chieftain settlement of Gudvangen. On the journey you will meet important personalities and key figures from different eras who will tell you their stories. You will live simply but comfortably in Viking tents and wear Viking clothing. Food is prepared in true Viking style; by a campfire beside the bay. To arrive at the fjord, we row longships. You will be amazed at how fast and seaworthy they are. On arrival you will feast with the chieftain of Gudvangen himself.

The Viking journey is a fun and educational way to enjoy an active experience with historical roots. The trip over the mountains and fjords along the Nærøyfjord offers magical contrasts and breathtaking scenery.

Nærøyfjorden, Auland
May - September

A Viking Journey