Crossing Jostedal Glacier, mainland Europe’s largest glacier, is one of the great bucketlist adventures in Norway. Travel from mountain to fjord across incredibly varied terrain, views and weather. We guarantee you will smile broadly while soaking in the view of the glacier known as Norway´s rooftop. Upon completion you can say “I’ve crossed Josten..!”

Located in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Jostedals Glacier covers a staggering 480 square kilometers and is the largest mass of mainland ice in Europe.

Jostedals Glacier was first crossed in 1894 by two groups who did not know each other. One party was led by the Norwegian Kristian Bing and the other by the English mountaineer William Cecil Slingsby. When he came down Austerdalsbreen, Slingsby said that it was “….the finest ice-scenery in Europe”.

The tour consists of many elements which together make a wonderful experience – camping, glacier hiking, mountain skiing and even ascents of 2000 meters peaks for those who want more of a challenge. May is the best month for this trip since it is warm, weather stable and generally a low avalanche danger period.

Josten lengthwise requires that one is in reasonably good shape, and consists of on average 10-12 hour days. If you are averagely athletic, have a good sense of humor and determination, you can look forward to an unforgettable experience. If you have some extra energy we may take you on a climb to the top of Lodalskåpa, the highest mountain near the glacier.

April - June

Skitouring across the Jostedals glacier