Steigen is a unique area, with hundreds of small islands, white sandy beaches and spectacular mountains. To the north the Lofoten Islands act as a protective weather barrier. Here you find Manshausen – a gem of an island of just 55-acres, centrally located in Grøtøyleia and only 500 meters from the pleasant village of Nordskot.

This island, with its sheltered harbor, was once part of the old Grøtøy trading community. It was also an historical hub for “Lofot-fishing” and the rich waters which surround the area. The listed old stone quays speak of a golden age for northern Norwegian coastal culture.

What makes Manshausen even more unique are the iconic Sea Cabins designed by architect Snorre Stinessen, perched on the quayside and natural rock shelves. The cabins blend into the natural surroundings and are designed to let you fully experience the elements even while comfortably inside!

The island is a perfect starting point to experience the stunning scenery that Steigen offers. Activities such as sea kayaking, diving, cycling, climbing and hiking in summer and winter are becoming more and more popular, and we tailor make activities according to your wishes.