Aasmund Olafson Vinje baptized the mountains here “Jøtunheimen” in 1862, inspired by the wild landscape and Norse mythology. Jøtunheimen later became Jotunheimen, and is the name we use today for this majestic area with the highest mountains in Northern Europe.

Hunters and fishermen have used Jotunheimen for thousands of years. Today Yourway uses Jotunheimen to provide you with amazing experiences!

There are few things that compare to the feeling of standing on top of a mountain you have climbed and enjoying a majestic mountain landscape vista in all directions. When you start the descent on a long narrow traverse with steep walls on both sides one feels truly alive!

The Jotunheimen mountains in central southern Norway cover an area of approximately 3,500 square kilometres. Here you will find the highest mountains in Northern Europe, including Galdhøpiggen (2469 m) and Glittertind (2464 m) as well as the eighteen other highest peaks on mainland Norway. Jotunheimen consists of several mountain areas separated by glacier-created U-shaped valleys, several of them with stunning lakes.

Jotunheimen offers some of the best outdoor experiences and can be enjoyed whilst hiking, climbing, skiing, cycling, canoeing and fishing, just to mention a few. Using our Basecamp concept Yourway specializes in taking groups on treks where one needs a guide and climbing equipment in order to get to reach the summit. In addition, we take you on glacier walks, cave tours and summit ski excursions.