Svalbard, Norway Expedition

Svalbard, Norway is one of the true jewels of the Arctic, a mountainous archipelago located in the North Sea at 78°N. Come and join the polar explorers, John Huston and Harald Kippenes, on this ski tour that will take place amidst the patient, long sunrises and sunsets of the high Arctic’s magical transition to spring.

What does it take to cross Greenland?

Turning 40 can be a pivotal moment in a person’s life. For Accenture Cloud professionals Audun Simonsen and Thomas Kvalvåg, it was a time to challenge themselves, embrace the unknown and make forever memories, by taking what Audun calls “a 40-year old’s crisis trip” across the inhospitable icy terrains of Greenland. For Thomas, it was … Continued

East Greenland – a well kept secret!

In August we went to East Greenland and had a mind-blowing journey through a stunning landscape. This is a place worth visiting for those who really want an adventurous experience along with tranquility and mindfulness.

Yourway Adventures & Expeditions

Were would you go? We tailor-make active adventures and holidays for private groups and would love to show you some of the beauty that our region has to offer. Welcome to adventure!

Scotland Kayak Adventure

The West coast of Scotland offers breathtaking scenery and landscapes, secluded bays, coral beaches, small islands, panoramic views and the opportunity to experience marine life up close.

Greenland Kayak Expedition

Greenland is the world’s largest island and a country full of breathtaking contrasts. Steep mountains, glaciers plunging into the icy fjords dotted with icebergs and lush green meadows bursting with flowers. Join us for a 14-day kayak expedition to spectacular Southern Greenland!

The Heavy Water Sabotage

In February 1943 a small group of Norwegian soldiers conducted a bold action when they blew up the heavy water plant at Vemork in Rjukan. Come and relive the bold action, which later became known as one of the world’s first special operations

Skitouring across the Jostedals glacier

“Josten” lengthwise really is one of Norway’s major dream destinations and goes across mainland Europe’s largest glacier. The tour includes wonderful skiing, accommodation in tents, crossing on the glacier and ascent of 2000m peaks.

A Viking Journey

Join us on a journey through time to the era of the vikings. Experience the excitement of a viking raid over the mountains before navigating your way down a Norwegian fjord on a viking ship.

Dog sledding at Finse

Dog sledding is a special experience. Get close to our wonderful and enthusiastic dogs while experiencing a unique form of winter travel in breathtaking surroundings. Anyone can ride a dog sled!