A bicycle tour of Rallarvegen is a journey of discovery comprising of both natural and cultural history. It is one of the most beautiful bike rides in Norway and the perfect way to see the highlands, while gaining insight into the life of a real “Rallar” or “Navvie” (short for navigational engineer).

The railway to Bergen is one of the prides of Norway. The story of this great accomplishment is a story of the teamwork and courage of thousands of men and women, who gave blood, sweat, tears and sometimes their own lives during its construction. Several small mountain communities sprung up between 1902 and 1904 as the tracks were laid over Hardangervidda. The now protected buildings along Rallarvegen, which acted as a construction road for the railway, stand as witnessed to this bygone era.

A bike journey along Rallarvegen is one of the most popular activities during Norwegian summer. The Yourway cycle tour is however unique, with not only a fantastic bike ride but an authentic experience of the history and cultural landscape. It is an insight into a unique mountain culture which will only be kept alive through sharing stories of people like building constructor Løhne, Cashier Juell-Hansen, “The Mountain’s first Lady” Alice Fangen Klem, signalman Hjeltnes and Rallar-Iversen.

Most of our tours start along Rallarvegen from Finse, where you can experience the best Finse has to offer, alternately we can start the ride towards Grjotrust Residence. With our own chef, waiter and Rallar musicians, this is a perfect way to experience Rallarvegen and Hardangervidda. The next day the bike ride takes us towards Flåm, where we can take a refreshing swim in the fjord and enjoy Rallar-style beer at Ægir Brewery. From Flåm, the journey either goes to Myrdal Mountain Lodge or back to Finse.

Finse - Flåm
August - October

Rallarvegen – Norway’s premier bike ride